Growing up Vegetarian

My son and his wife have decided to raise their 15 month old son vegetarian. He is a physician and she is a former nurse. The grandson is just plain adorable!

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When “milk” isn’t

Recently, I was approached by a newspaper reporter for an interview on Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives (NDMA). You know, almond milk and the like.       Glass, Milk, White, Cow'S Milk, Pour A

Full disclosure here: while I am not a dairy farmer nor is anyone in my family, I am eating cereal with real milk as I write this. I am a dairy girl all-the-way! I also realize that if you are someone who does not share my enthusiasm, just reading this blog post will not likely change your opinion. But I firmly believe that you deserve to be fully informed on the issue.
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Keto Craze part 2

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I am slowly resuming my blog presence. Addressing the ketogenic diet hype seemed like a good place to jump back in. What are we talking about? A calorie controlled meal plan that is 5% carbohydrate (20-40gm/day), 25-30% protein and 65-70% fat. Continue reading

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Keto Crazy Part 1

Yes, I know. It has been a while. My dad died suddenly in 2017. And caring for my 80-something year old mother with Alzheimer’s became my overwhelming responsibility. Still is. I never had the time to come back and I was always exhausted. Still am. But then I bought a new lap top and it drew me in…………..

I have to admit that I don’t understand the appeal to this “Keto” craze for weight loss and now diabetes management. The existing science for the control of seizure disorders that did not respond to medications is actually pretty convincing. But in Florida, we have access to Medical Marijuana and seizures are a legitimate indication for use. As a result, I am hearing less and less about ketogenic diets for seizures.

So, I am in the middle of doing some professional reading to solidify my response to the community physicians recommending this as the “new magic bullet”. Once I have it straight in my mind I can put it on paper. Soon!


Welcome back!



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Color in a New Year

It never fails. Whenever a client asks “which foods are most protective” or “which foods are considered noninflammatory”, I find myself speaking about colors. In fact, I usu…

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