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Chef by day, Dietitian by night. Weekends are spent in my sleepy water town just south of Seattle, enjoying rainy days with my lovely wife, Ray; and our two dogs. I've been cooking for as long as I can remember; it's taken me all over the World and I'm so excited to be collaborating on this Blog with my Mother. I hope you all find something you weren't even looking for. Keep checking back for new content!

In Defense of the Multivitamin…

It seems like I need to be angry to Blog lately.  I don’t really understand it, I’m usually a pretty even-keeled guy.  If you’ve read any of the recent news headlines, you’ve probably heard that “multivitamins are a waste of … Continue reading

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It’s official…Delicious Flavor may Kill You

Alright, I’ll admit that it sounds a bit dramatic. But, if you’ve seen any of the recent directive by the Food and Drug Administration it may not be that far from the truth. It seems that as recently as a decade … Continue reading

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If it’s March… It’s National Nutrition Month®! While Registered Dietitians have worked hard in the last few decades to increase their visibility and standing in the world, I can’t help but feel like we are still largely a misunderstood part … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Germ-aphobe, Part II

Let’s continue our discussion on staying healthy~!  Before we explore any more myths, maybe it would be a good idea to discuss something that actually works…Part II The Dirty Truth about Your Hands… As a chef I can tell you that the … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Germ-aphobe, Part I

Ugh, the very thought of getting sick annoys me… I know that I’m supposed to be a loving husband, but my first instinct when it comes to a sick wife is to put her to bed, grab a can of Lysol and … Continue reading

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