What to Drink?

By now you have read or heard about the problems that occurred in Flint, Michigan and the drinking water supply. But for the city and its inhabitants, the tap water is still undrinkable 3 years later. Residents don’t want to pay for contaminated water that they Resized_20160826_120201can’t use,and corrective additives that would prevent more lead from leaching into the water are not getting to the pipes because no one is turning on their faucets.

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Hunger in our Midst

This week I am in Tampa attending the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Symposium.#FLFANS.  The sessions won’t actually start until tomorrow but this evening the Board of D…

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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 1st birthday baby Shiloh!20150821_090257

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The Scoop on Vitamin D

It seems odd to be talking about the sunshine vitamin in the middle of a Florida summer, but on my last visit to the Rheumatologist’s office I had a low blood level of vitamin D. This diagnos…

Source: The Scoop on Vitamin D

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Savor the Flavors

Stop the presses! Too much salt in the diet…..is still bad for you. This time eating a high-salt diet might contribute to liver damage in adults and developing embryos.

The research, just published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, is actually an animal study using adult mice and chick embryos. After feeding the mice a high-salt diet and exposing the chick embryos to a briny environment, the researchers from Jinan University in Guangzhou, China observed changes that can lead to fibrosis in the liver(s) of these animals.


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